Cursos de ESLint

Cursos de ESLint

Los cursos de formación ESLint en vivo, dirigidos por instructores, demuestran a través de la práctica interactiva Cómo usar ESLint para garantizar la consistencia y calidad del código JavaScript.

El entrenamiento de ESLint está disponible como "entrenamiento en vivo in situ" o "entrenamiento en vivo remoto". El entrenamiento en vivo en el sitio puede llevarse a cabo localmente en las instalaciones del cliente en España o en los centros de formación corporativa de NobleProg en España. La formación remota en directo se lleva a cabo a través de un escritorio interactivo y remoto.

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Programa del curso ESLint

Nombre del Curso
Descripción General
Nombre del Curso
Descripción General
14 horas
Descripción General
This instructor-led, live training in España (online or onsite) is aimed at developers who wish to use ESLint to make their Javascript code more consistent and less bug prone.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

- Set up a testing environment that includes all needed libraries, packages and frameworks.
- Use ESLint to identify, diagnose, and debug problems in Javascript based applications.
- Use ESLint to optimize Javascript code.
- Go beyond JavaScript's basic testing and debugging tools to improve test coverage of React applications.
- Understand and execute ESLint's pluggable rules during runtime.

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We are looking for a good mixture of IT and soft skills in Spain!

As a NobleProg Trainer you will be responsible for:

  • delivering training and consultancy Worldwide
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  • quality management

At the moment we are focusing on the following areas:

  • Statistic, Forecasting, Big Data Analysis, Data Mining, Evolution Alogrithm, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning (recommender system, neural networks .etc...)
  • Hibernate/Spring, Scala, Spark, jBPM, Drools
  • R, Python
  • Mobile Development (iOS, Android)
  • LAMP, Drupal, Mediawiki, Symfony, MEAN, jQuery
  • You need to have patience and ability to explain to non-technical people

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