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Symfony is a set of PHP Components, a Web Application framework, a Philosophy and a Community.

NobleProg onsite live Symfony training courses demonstrate through interactive discussion and hands-on practice the fundamentals and applications of Symfony.

Symfony training is available in various formats, including onsite live training and live instructor-led training using an interactive, remote desktop setup. Local Symfony training can be carried out live on customer premises or in NobleProg local training centers.

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Programas de los Cursos de Symfony

Código Nombre Duración Información General
symfony4 Symfony 4 for Web Application Development 28 horas Symfony 4 is a software development framework for PHP. It contains reusable PHP libraries to facilitate the development and testing of new applications written in PHP (Web apps or APIs). Symfony 4 is a command-line software framework with the built-in commands that makes PHP code development more efficient. In this instructor-led, live training, participants will learn to use the Symfony framework and the PHP language as they step through the creation of a PHP application. By the end of this training, participants will be able to: Use Symfony 4 to create and test code written in PHP Create simple code for PHP that reads and writes to a database Audience Programmers and web developers with working knowledge of PHP and HTML Advanced developers who seek more efficient development tools for faster closures Software designers who need to update their understanding of current development tools that match user needs Format of the course Part lecture, part discussion, exercises and heavy hands-on practice
symfony3webdev Desarrollo Web con Symfony3 28 horas Symfony is a set of PHP Components, a Web Application framework, a Philosophy and a Community.
symfewf Symfony2 - enterprise web framework 21 horas Symfony is a set of PHP Components, a Web Application framework, a Philosophy and a Community.

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Curso Ubicación Fecha Precio del Curso [A distancia / Presencial]
MongoDB for Developers Madrid Mar, 2018-03-06 09:30 2520EUR / 3420EUR
Red Neuronal en R Zaragoza Jue, 2018-03-15 09:30 3357EUR / 3557EUR
Agile Software Testing Madrid Mié, 2018-03-21 09:30 2430EUR / 3330EUR
Introducción MoDAF/NAF Madrid Vie, 2018-03-23 09:30 1422EUR / 1972EUR
Hadoop for Data Analysts Valencia Jue, 2018-06-14 09:30 3672EUR / 3872EUR

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