Cursos de MBSE

Cursos de MBSE

Los cursos de capacitación local, instrumentados en vivo, ModelBased Systems Engineering (MBSE) demuestran a través de la discusión interactiva y practican cómo los sistemas pueden ser modelados usando cualquier método o herramienta de modelado de sistemas adecuado La capacitación de MBSE está disponible como "capacitación en vivo en el sitio" o "capacitación remota en vivo" El entrenamiento en vivo in situ se puede llevar a cabo localmente en las instalaciones del cliente en España o en los centros de capacitación corporativa de NobleProg en España La capacitación remota en vivo se lleva a cabo a través de un escritorio remoto interactivo NobleProg Su proveedor local de capacitación.



Programa del curso MBSE

CódigoNombreDuraciónInformación General
umlitbaUML for the IT Business Analyst21 horasOne of the fastest growing roles in the IT industry is the IT Business Analyst. Business Analysts are found in almost organizations and are important members of any IT team whether in the private or public sector.

This course provides a clear, step-by-step guide to how the Business Analyst can perform his or her role using state-of-the-art object-oriented technology.
UMLObject-Oriented Analysis and Design using UML24 horasThis course is intended for analysts, designers, developers, testers and project managers. It is an introduction to system modeling using UML.

Based on selected systems (case study) following phases of system modeling are presented: from modeling requirements, through business process modeling and documentation of functional and non-functional requirements, to the analytical model. The next step is the design phase - static and dynamic modeling using project classes and the interaction between the system components. For exercises is used Enterprise Architect - popular modeling tool.

Training can be the basis for a comprehensive process modeling in enterprise systems through the use of UML in all phases of software development.

Because training lasts only 3 days, participants perform exercises together with trainer, also state machine and code generation topics are marked as optional. For those, who are interested with gaining more experience in modeling with UML, this training can be expanded to 4 or 5 days, in which case participants have time to solve exercises themselves and compare them to model created during summary. In 4 days training all topics are mandatory, 5 days version also includes more advanced elements, in booth cases participants have much more time for exercises. This training can be also profiled for analytics or designers, in booth cases some changes in program are made to adjust it to recipients.
umleaUML in Enterprise Architect (workshops)24 horasThe course is designed for analysts, designers, developers, testers and project managers.

The workshop presents a problem analysis, design and documentation systems using UML and Enterprise Architect of Sparx Systems. During the training will be presented to the advanced capabilities of the program (such as MDA, profiles, XMI), and best practices that can greatly simplify and accelerate modeling.

Because the training focuses on the Enterprise Architect tool it is required for participants to already know how to model in UML. For those who would like to learn modeling we have dedicated training for UML.

Some program topics are marked as optional - it means that realization of those depends on participants decisions and remaining time.

The training method:

Lecture 10%, 90% workshop
sysmlSystems Modelling with SysML21 horasThis course is offered in two variants to provide a practical understanding of how systems can be modelled using the newest version of OMG's Systems Modelling Language (SysML) specification. The notation and underlying semantics of SysML are explained in a way that allows students to apply what they learn to any suitable system modelling method or tool.
sysengsysmluml2System Engineering using SysML and UML 221 horasObjective:

Helping Analysts and Designers of the System Engineering domain to understand how to efficiently gather requirements then go through the embedded software design implementation on the basis of system specifications using UML 2 and SysML.

This 3 days training aims at assisting system analysts to express efficiently their needs and designers to make the appropriate architectural design of the system on the basis of these needs.

The resulting system architecture provides a good level of agility to the embedded system software in face of changes as it allows a coherent traceability of the business rules encapsulated in system functions and those of the usage choices (use cases) of the end-users toward the software implementation level.
technicalarcTechnical Architecture and Patterns21 horasWith the emergence of very complex distributed systems, complexity of a single system moved to the complexity of the architecture of the group of systems. This course covers the relationship of Software Architecture with Technical Enterprise Architecture. These two areas are interrelated in a way which currently is not well described. For example, splitting complex monolithic system into two systems communicating via web services will trigger substantial changes to both the new systems, and the architecture between them.

This course will cover trade-offs, currently common patterns and solutions for managing complex systems and communication within and between them.

Próximos Cursos MBSE

CursoFechaPrecio del Curso [A distancia / Presencial]
UML para el Analista de TI - Barcelona Lun, 2018-10-08 09:305250EUR / 6050EUR
Análisis y Diseño Orientado a Objetos y Diseño Utilizando UML - Bilbao Mar, 2018-10-16 09:307000EUR / 7800EUR
UML en Enterprise Architect (talleres) - MadridMié, 2018-10-17 09:307000EUR / 7800EUR
Modelado de Sistemas con SysML - MálagaMié, 2018-10-24 09:305250EUR / 6050EUR
Arquitectura Técnica y Patrones - ValenciaMié, 2018-11-07 09:305250EUR / 6050EUR
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Curso Ubicación Fecha Precio del Curso [A distancia / Presencial]
Taller de un Día para la Autenticación PEAP de Windows 7 Supplicant Mediante un Conmutador Cisco como Autenticador y Servidor de Windows 2008 R2 Madrid Vie, 2018-11-09 09:30 1350EUR / 1750EUR
Programación con Big Data en R Madrid Mar, 2018-11-13 09:30 4725EUR / 5525EUR
Node.js para Desarrolladores de JavaScript Málaga Lun, 2018-11-19 09:30 4050EUR / 4850EUR
Apache Solr - Full-Text Search Server Barcelona Mié, 2018-11-21 09:30 2700EUR / 3300EUR
Administrar y Optimizar la Máquina Virtual de HipHop (HHVM) Barcelona Mar, 2019-01-22 09:30 2700EUR / 3300EUR

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